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At Sunset Realty Group of Puerto Escondido we help you find the perfect location.     Whether you are buying, selling or renting you've come to the right place.                 Sunset Realty is here to help you and your family find a place to feel at home.


                                           Isn’t it time you pampered yourself?

                                                                           Paradise in Puerto Awaits...


Acting on your behalf, Sunset is prepared and ready to assist you in finding the perfect Home

that you have dreamed of in Puerto Escondido. At Sunset Realty Group we will do the work to find you and your family the perfect home.


  • Based on the type of property you are looking for we will send you profiles of properties to help you narrow down your search.


  • If you are not in Puerto Escondido we will keep you up to date on your properties of interest, and regularly send you new properties that match your profile.


  • We will meet with you in person, either in our offices or the location of your choice, to discuss your real estate project.


  • We will book viewings of properties, pick you up from your hotel and drive you to each viewing.


  • We will explain the Mexican real estate purchase process and introduce you to various loan/mortgage lenders & brokers if you so wish.


  • When interested in purchasing a property we will present a formal written purchase offer to the seller on your behalf.


  • We will act as the negotiator until an offer is accepted.


  • We work with a number of local notary offices and we will help you set-up all the necessary legal paper work (fideicomios etc), and remain at your side until the closing process is complete.​

Sunset Rentals list and promote a number of Puerto Escondido Vacation Rentals


Vacation Rentals

Sunset Rentals list and promote a number of Puerto Escondido Vacation Rentals on our websites, and on national / international vacation websites. If you own a house or condo in the Puerto Escondido area, and are interested in a renting your real estate while you are not using it we have a number of services to help promote your property. We will help you find customers and take care of all the booking and payment process, including the entry and exit inventory. Please contact us for more information.

Puerto Escondido Real Estate



Puerto Escondido offers great opportunity to own your own business. From a small hotel, restaurant, large full service hotel or just rent your Commercial income property. Own a piece of paradise today.



Listing Real Estate (Selling your property)

In order to have the best chance of selling your property in Mexico you need to be sure that your real estate is being promoted by a professional agency, and that it will reach the largest number of potential customers (nationally and internationally). 


A Sunset specialist will come and view your property and will give you a free property appraisal, and we will discuss with you our listing process. Your specialist will take you through our listing contracts while explaining to you all the necessary details, and  required paper work. Your Sunset specialist will also walk you through a complete marketing plan for your listing. Once a contract has been signed, and all the necessary paper work has been collected. We will photograph your property and start it's promotion. We will keep you updated on a regular basis with viewing logs and feedback.

Sunset Realty will use very aggressive local marketing via our website, local real estate magazines and  our contacts with other agencies, to promote your property for sale.

Sunset Realy Groups web site has a very strong presence in National & international marks like US, Canadian, Australian and Europe. Come and join the Sunset Realty Team. 


Puerto Escondido Real Estate

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