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En Sunset Realty Group de Puerto Escondido te ayudamos a encontrar soluciones inmobiliarias de acuerdo a sus necesidades. Si usted  está comprando, vendiendo o buscando alguna propiedad en renta para vacacionar, ha venido al lugar correcto. Sunset Realty está aquí para asistirle a encontrar el lugar adecuado para usted y su familia.
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Puerto Escondido it's a life style


At the end of the Sierra Madre del Sur mountain range that snakes through Oaxaca, Mexico, and down to the Pacific Ocean, lies the coastal resort of Puerto Escondido, 180 miles from the state capital.


The town is built around a picturesque bay dotted with gigantic rock formations.On the northwestern end, BacochoBeach has the most variety of hotels and the atmosphere is decidedly laidback. Playa Principal in the middle of town has a nice beach for families and several boats you can hire for fishing or sightseeing. On the southeastern endyou’ll find Zicatela, a vibrant action packed beach with a cosmopolitan atmosphere that attracts surfers and othertourists from around the world, especially Europe. Many come to conquer the resort's famous waves.


A stroll along Zicatela provides the chance to enjoy the spectacular performances of surfers skimming atop the crestsof colossal waves. According to experts, Puerto Escondido is among the ten best surfing sites on the planet.


Come nightfall, it’s party time in Puerto Escondido, especially along the pedestrian main street known as El Adoquin where nighthawks can party from bar to club until dawn.


But there’s more to Puerto Escondido than its awesome waves and vibrant night life. The surrounding area is a wealth of natural wonders. Just 20 minutes north of Puerto Escondido, travlers can rent kayaks or motorboatsto view the pelicans, hawks, hummingbirds, spoonbills and more that inhabit the mangrove forests of theManialtepec Lagoon.


Alternatively, if you’re looking for an authentic ethnic experience, visit the communities nearby and learn a little oftheir customs. Mazunte, for example, is a small village whose inhabitants have dedicated themselves to protecting the natural environment. They invite visitors on eco tours on foot, on horseback or by rowboat. Mazunte is also hometo the Centro Mexicano de la Tortuga, a turtle sanctuary that shelters specimens of every marine and land turtlespecies found in Mexico.


Closer to Puerto Escondido, just 15 minutes away, Ventanilla is an ecological reserve for families wanting to explorethe imposing rock formations that dominate the beach, spend time getting to know the indigenous community andmaybe even watch baby turtles hatch in the moonlight. The longer you stay here,the harder it is to leave this tranquiland unspoiled paradise.

Puerto Escondido Suggested Tours



Private or Group surf lessons


Private or group surf lessons. Guided by one of our friendly, experienced local instructors who will teach you the best techniques to ride the waves of Puerto Escondido. The lesson includes transportation, surfboard, wax and rashguard. Puerto Escondido is recognized around the world as one of the best places to learn to surf for beginners to Pros. (2.5 Hours) 500 Pesos without transportation













Night Swim in the bioluminescent water of Lagoon Manialtepec


Discover the amazing effect of bioluminescence in the waters of Manialtepec Lagoon, located a few miles from Puerto Escondido. You will visit the beautiful Manialtepec Lagoon, an extraordinary ecosystem home of exotic vegetation and wild life. There you will board a boat that will take you to live a unique experience discovering the secrets of the lagoon while taking a swim in the water to observe one of the most amazing phenomena of nature: Bio luminescence. There are few places in the world where you can see this natural wonder! Swim in the lagoon while the water start glowing when you make contact with it. This phenomenon is called bio luminescence and the effect is caused by millions of micro-organisms, also known as planktons. (4 Hours)















Release baby turtles


Come and experience a wonderful time as you release baby sea turtles into their life at sea. You will also enjoy a magical sunset at a beautiful beach. Come learn, and experience an adventure. You will be picked up from your Puerto Escondido hotel or villa. Board a comfortable van and head north on the main road for about 15 minutes. You will then turn off the main road to Palmarito or Bocho Beach. This is a beautiful virgin beach. Once you get there, you will head to the turtle camp site where a local guide will greet you and provide you with full information about the turtle hatchery and the work being done to protect and save sea turtles. Right before sunset, you will be getting ready to say goodbye to the turtles as you appreciate the gorgeous landscape from the beach. You can hold and help the newly hatched turtles get to the water to

start their amazing adventure into the sea. After you have released the turtles, you will head back to your hotel or villa

filled with wonderful memories of this experience.













In-Room or Outdoor Massage Treatments


An in-room or outdoor massage is a great way to de-stress after a hectic day of travel, or to just wind down while in Puerto Escondido. When you are looking to relax in your room or outside in the cool ocean breeze, a full body massage is just the thing you will need to start or end your day in Paradise. Our team of professionals will deliver on exactly the right massage for you. Whether you prefer a soothing relaxing massage, or are looking for a deep tissue massage to improve range of motion, our menu of massage services will surely fit your needs. (1 hour 800 per person.)        

















Bird Watching on Manialtepec Lagoon Trough The Lush Mangrove


On this boat tour you will admire the local and endemic migratory birds of the Manialtepec lagoon. Observe closely their splendid colors, and create a sublime memory of countless feathering, especially in the nesting sanctuary where it is possible to gently approach the birds. In this area you will find species such as the heron and storks that build their nests. It is a wonderful sight to see their babies at different stages of growth. The beauty of the lush mangroves adds a breathtaking back drop to this special place.















Bird watching by kayak in mangrove ecosystem


Peaceful kayaking on the Manialtepec lagoon. This tour begins with a boat ride through the main channel of the majestic lagoon. Arriving to explore different tunnels formed through mangrove trees, which are characterized by their aerial roots. These aquatic paths are accessible only by kayak due to their limited width. You will also visit the location where the lagoon meets with the river and the ocean. finish the tour in a privileged way to observe the nesting sanctuary of migratory and local birds. (3 to 4 hours)














Dolphin & Turtle Watching


This fun boat trip includes features like snorkeling and searching for dolphins, turtles, manta rays, seabirds and with luck, whales. The views of the Puerto Escondido coast line will keep you occupied with its beauty. This is a great way to spend your afternoon with friends and family while exploring the many beaches of Puerto Escondido by boat. (Duration 2 to 4 hours).













Sport Fishing


This is sure to be an unforgettable and intrepid boat trip on the high seas for fishing for sailfish, dorado or tuna, which you can eat after the trip or the gentle gesture of release. All the materials are included: fishing rod, cooler and refreshing drinks. The price is for the whole boat for a maximum of 5 people (4 hours minimum)














Rafting and tubing Down the Colotepec river


This happy adventure to descend on the quiet, and sometimes faster, waters of the Colotepec river, with an inner tube. Ideal moment to share with family or friends, splashing in the refreshing water while observing the birds and the beautiful countryside landscapes as you slowly drift down the enchanting Coltepec river.  (4 Hours)














Sunset Horseback Beach Ride


Experience the romantic and majestic feel of a horseback ride on the beach at sunset, while admiring the wonderful colors of the Puerto sunset along Zicatela Beach. A magical moment that will remain forever engraved in your memory.  ( 1 hour)















Ultralight flight


Puerto Flight Club, we are an organization that makes flights in ultralights focusing on the sights of the beautiful coast line of Puerto Escondido, enjoy the jungle and beach scenery from the sky on an adventure of flight. We take off from our own runway in La Barra and fly over the mountains to the south of the Sierra Madres then back to the ocean where you will see the breathtaking birds eye view of the emerald coast. (30 Minute Flight)














Contact Scott or Sara at Sunset Realty Group for price and availability.

24-hour notice need for most tours 

English:   (954) 127 - 1083

Spanish:  (954) 121 -  2123

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